9-10th Century Viking Womens Costume

9-10th Century Viking Womens Costume


Madder dyed birka style tunic over a yellow linen undertunic. Hedeby style apron dress and silk headscarf dyed with union skins. Silver plated turtoise broches, replica of 8-9th century original, found in Bornholm.


Possible diagram for the birka tunic.
Source: Viking Tunic Construction by Carolyn Priest-Dorman.

Remains of an apron dress as found in Hedeby harbour. On display in the Wikinger Museum in Haithabu in 2007.

Possible diagram for the hedeby apron.
Source: website of the Historiska museet, Sweden

Patterns used

No commercial patterns used.

Alternate views

9-10th Century Viking Womens Costume
Dress worn with my old set of jewellery.

Costume made in 2009.