1904`Edwardian Summer Costume

1904 Edwardian Summer Costume

Nickname: l'Ensemble Rose Pivoine aka The Sugar Plum Fairy outfit


Up untill now most of our Victorian/Edwardian events took place in the winter. So all our costumes were warm. Two week prior to this event I decided that I needed something more suitable for warm weather, something with an air of summer and a bit fancy. So I made this pink skirt and bolero with a white cotton overlay to soften the pink colour. Due to lack of time I had bought the fabric online and the colour was quite a bit brighter than on my computer screen. These sheer cotton curtains with lines and dots from Ikea where in my fabric stash did the trick. Underneath the Eton jacket I wear a dainty cotton batist lace blouse and an Ivory brocaded double breasted vest. The ouftit was topped by a straw hat from H&M decorated with lot of vintage millinery flowers.

De Gracieuse, August 1899
Source: Het geheugen van Nederland

De Gracieuse, August 1899
Source: Het geheugen van Nederland

Afternoon dress by Panem, photo by Boissonnas & Taponier, Les Modes May 1903.
Source:Les Modes


Patterns used

Combination underwear- 7157 Vintage Closet Undergarments Pattern , Simplicity
Corset- Ladies' and Gentlemen's Under Bust Corset #113 , Laughing Moon Patterns
Petticoat- Edwardian Underthing #203, Folkwear
Blouse -Gibson Girl blouse #205, Folkwear
Skirt- Walking skirt #209, Folkwear
Vest- Vintage Vests #222, Folkwear
Jacket- Misses' Victorian Jacket B5232, Butterick

Costume made and worn in 2019