13th century Male costume

13th century Male Costume


An upperclass late 13th/early 14th century costume. The blue tweed wool tunic is tight around the chest but wider below. The round neckline is concealed by a green woollen hood. The sleeves are wide on the upper arm but tight from the elbow to wrist and buttoned with 5 pewter buttons, that he made himself.


(l)Detail from Codex Manesse, folio 394r, 1305-1340, Zurich, Germany.

Patterns used

For the construction of this tunic I used a simplified pattern of the Bocksten tunic that I own, I slightly altered it to make buttoning of the sleeves possible. You can buy it from the Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, Denmark.



(l) Leather belt with dark blue wool square pouch around the waist.
(middle and right)Detail of the statue of Siegfried III. von Epstein, ca. 1250.

Green woollen hosen worn with white linnen braies.Simple leather shoes and on his head a dark blue/black woollen "huntsmen" hat. Image from the Maciejowski Bible, ca. 1250.