Regency Wrapping Front Spencer Jacket

Wrapping Front Spencer Jacket c.1789-1809


Purple wool spencer jacket lined with white cotton. Worn over a brown cotton with floral print bib front round gown. On my head a bonnet inspired by a bonnet of Elinor Dashwood in the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility. For more information on the layers underneath the gown Ladies' Round Gown with a Bib Front c.1800-1810 The bonnet I made by used a horrible plastic straw sunhat as a base. I cut it into roughly the right shape and covered it with fabric. Initially I wanted to keep the brim uncovered, like the one of Elinor in the movie, but the it was so obviously plastic that I decided to cover it with fabric.

Patterns used

Spencer Jacket - Wrapping Front Spencer Jacket #129 by Laughing Moon
Gown- Ladies' Round or Trained Gown with a High Stomacher Front c.1800-1810 , #126, Laughing Moon Mercantile