1848 Victorian Gents Evening Cloak

1848 Victorian Gents Evening Cloak


Black woollen evening or opera cloak with pelerine (short cape), antique top hat, black woollen muffler, reproduction walking cane and white leather spats.


1848 Victorian Gents Evening Cloak
Fashion plate from 1828.

1848 Victorian Gents Evening Cloak

"Spanish cloaks" from 1848 English tailoring guide.
Source: the Black tie guide.

Patterns used

Simplicity, Costumes for adults collectie (The Phantom of the Opera), # 4482 cloak.

More information

The cloak with pelerine (short cape)was in use during the 18th century but still worn at least up untill 1848. Often the upper collar was made of velvet or sometimes fur. Less in favour later on in victorian times, replaced by the great coat aka top coat with or without pelerine. Both where worn outside on top of the frock or morning coat on cold days or evenings. The pelerine was often detachable and was worn for added warmth.Initially we wanted to make the great coat but we did not have enough fabric for one, so we choose to make a cloak with pelerine, which looks a lot alike.

Costume made in 2006.