885's Victorian Bustle Diner Dress

1885's Victorian Bustle Diner Dress


Red velvet diner bodice with 3/4th length sleeves and a square neckline. Worn with a red velvet four gore skirt, brocaded black taffeta overskirt.


 885's Victorian Bustle Diner Dress

(l) Red velvet dinner dress 1883, designed by Charles- Frederick Worth
(r) Red silk and velvet bustle dress, c. 1880, designed by Claret Ottoman

Patterns used

Truly Victorian,#460, 1885's Diner Bodice.
Truly Victorian #261, 1885's Four gore skirt.
Truly Victorian #364, 1886's Autumn overskirt

More information

In 2012 I decided that I wanted to wear my red bustle costume again, but having worn it two times already I wanted to change the appearance of the costume a little. I turned my ballgown bodice, which I deemed to cold for winter wear, into a diner bodice by removing the short puff sleeves and adding 3/4th sleeves. I also removed a lot of the decorations, as I prefer a more plain look. I also made a new black brocade taffeta overskirt from another pattern than my previous version. I was planning to make a black cotton bastist chemisette, for warmth and modesty, but run out of time and money. Changing an outfit or hat by altering it was very common in Victorian times. So my solution was not only practical but also authentic and I really liked the end result.

Alterations done in 2012, worn like this in 2012 & 2013