ca. 1860 Victorian Ladies 
Unmentionables Foundation Layer

My foundation layer consist of a chemise, drawers and corset. The pattern I used for the chemise and drawers is from simplicity, # 9769, Misses Civil War Drawers, Chemise, and Corset. Chemise is made from soft thin cotton, drawers are made of cotton flannel, both are decorated with lace and blue ribbons.

My corset is made of off-white/peach colored silk, with white silk embroidery on the bust gores. It is decorated with white cotton lace which resembles a victorian lace, the dark blue ribbon has been replaced by a pink ribbon. The pattern used was The Silverado Bust Gore Corset, and the corset was made by a friend, with pattern #100 - Ladies′ Victorian Underwear from Laughing Moon.



The white cotton underpetticoat is decorated with lace trim, is made with the same pattern, Simplicity #9764,Misses Civil War Crinoline and Petticoat, as the petticoat, only less wide and shorter.

Corset cover

Victorian_1860_ladies_unmentionables_foundation  Victorian_1860_ladies_unmentionables_foundation

(r)Source; De Gracieuse, March 1866

To protect the corset from wear sometimes a corset cover was worn. I didn't think it was comfortable so I choose not to wear it. Maybe the construction is wrong or maybe it's because it is worn over a chemise with sleeves. I'll try and find out when I make my new chemise without sleeves. If the problem isn't solved than I'll try and make a new corset cover, from a corset cover pattern.The white cotton corset cover, decorated with lace trim, is made with the same pattern as the bodice of my dress.

Round Cage Crinoline


The round cage crinoline has nine steel hoops and a bag at the bottom to avoid stepping throught the hoops. The pattern I used was Truly Victorian, TV141 1858 Round Cage Crinoline, which I loved because it's simple and clear instructions.


Victorian_1860_ladies_unmentionables_foundation Victorian_1860_ladies_unmentionables_foundation

(r) detail of fabric

The white cotton petticoat is made with the pattern from simplicity #9764,Misses Civil War Crinoline and Petticoat.

Chemisette and Engageantes



(r) Godey's Ladies Book June 1861

A chemisette and engageantes set could be worn instead of a waist (blouse) to reduce bulk at the waist. A chemisette is a blouse front, engageantes are false undersleeves. Originally it would have been a matching set. Both chemisette and engageantes are from the mid ninteenth century and where bought, seperatly, at an antiques and curiosa fair.