15th Century Herjolfsnes Dress #38

15th Century Herjolfsnes Dress #38


The dress is made of green wool and all visible seams are handsewn. The headdress is made of fine white linen.


15th Century Herjolfsnes Dress #38
The original dress (Museum No. D10580), on display at the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Patterns used

The Herjolfsnes #38 dress pattern, for sale at the National Museum of Copenhagen, in Denmark.

More information

The basic construction of the Norlund No. 39 dress (Museum No. 10581) is the same as the construction of this dress. I used the pattern that I have of that dress to make this No. 38 version. I only had to change the neckline, and the sleeves. The original sleeves of the Norlund No. 38 gown are long and narrow and have slits at the seams, the wearer of this dress had to be sewn in everytime she would wear this dress. The sleeves of my dress are long and narrow too, but without slits as it didn't seem practical. The original dress also has pocket slits, cut into the fabric, trimmed with braided cords. As I am not brave enough to cut into my dress this dress does not have pocket slits. As this version has been made in the size that coordinates with my hight, the whole gown is much wider than my earlier >short green dress and more graceful.

Alternate views

15th Century Herjolfsnes Dress #38

I've also made a blue linnen version which I wear, as a working womans dress of the 14th and 15th century. I am not convinced that linnen was worn as an outerlayer. But summers can be really hot, even here in the Netherlands and sometimes I just need to be practical. The day this picture was made, it was 28°C... In the picture I am wearing a white linen apron and a white linen kerchief underneath a straw hat.

Costume made and worn in 2006.