13th Century Tunic

Photo taken at the Eindhoven Museum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Brown tweed woollen tunic with white linen undertunic and headdress. The neckline of the tunic closes with a silver replica of a 13th century brooch. The sleeves of the dress are tight at the wrist. Around my waist a leather belt with pewter ornament, orange woollen pouch and dagger with red leather sheath. I am wearing short red woollen hosen (socks) and brown leather turnshoes.



"The milkmaid" a mid 13th century painting.


Diagram of a 13th century tunic, on which the cut and construction of my tunic was based.
Source: Medieval Costume in England and France written by Mary G. Houston

Patterns used

No commercial pattern used.

Alternate views


With my son in the Eindhoven Museum in 2004.
On my head a white barbette and filet.

Costume made in 2004.