1895 Walking Costume

1895 Walking Costume


With my first travel by steam train coming up I decided that I needed a more practical oufit. A beige linen weave cotton jacket and a beige striped cotton decorated with a darker beige and black velvet band. Underneath it, a not so practical but it's my favourite, cotton batist lace blouse. The outfit is completed with a straw boater.

Patterns used:
Combination underwear- #7157 Vintage Closet Undergarments Pattern by Simplicity
Corset- Ladies' and Gentlemen's Under Bust Corset #113 by Laughing Moon Patterns
Petticoat- Edwardian Underthing #203 by Folkwear
Blouse -Gibson Girl blouse #205 by Folkwear
Skirt- Walking skirt #209 by Folkwear
Jacket- Bicycle Jacket 1895 #0715 from Black Snail Patterns

1895 Walking Costume
I felt a little like Mary Poppins in this outfit. Can you tell?