1860's Day dress


Green plaid woollen day dress with black velvet cape, black faux fur muff and a green velvet bonnet. The front of the dress closes with eighteen hooks and eyes, the sixteen fabric covered button are there just for decoration, they match the plaid stripes of my dress. The dress is worn over a white cotton chemise, long white flanel drawers, white cotton underpetticoat, a crinoline hoop skirt and a white cotton petticoat.



(l) An original Victorian plaid daydress, photographed in the 1950's on a model.
(m) Fashionplate from 1851.
(r) Victorian photograph, source:

Patterns used

We used two patterns for this dress; Simplicity # 4400, Misses Civil War Costume by Martha McCain The Fashion Historian and Laughing Moon #111 - Ladies Early 1860's Day Dress, the latter had the coat sleeves that I wanted.

Alternate view(s)


Better view of bodice of the dress, antique parasol, white leather gloves and green velvet bonnet.


Inside knitting and wearing a lace daycap.

At this time a lady would still wear a lace daycap or lace bonnet inside, it could also be worn under the bonnet, in order to be "dressed" when removing the bonnet. Looking at authentic victorian daycaps you can see a great variety in styles.

Costume made in 2006 and worn in 2006 & 2007.